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Shape Tool
Find Out How You Are Shaped to Serve
You are SHAPED for a specific purpose in life, a special assignment from God that only you can accomplish. Your specific contribution is based on how God created you – your spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality and experiences. When you discover your role and start serving how you were SHAPED, you will find an incredible sense of satisfaction and joy.

We want to help you find the role God created for you. SHAPE is a tool that can help you discover your special assignment from God. Each letter of the letter in the word S.H.A.P.E represents a specific characteristic of your life:

Spiritual Gifts – “What am I gifted to do?”
Heart – “What passions do I have?”
Abilities – “What do I naturally do well?”
Personality – “How has God wired me to navigate life?”
Experiences – “Where have I been?” and “What have I learned?”

For more information about our SHAPE tool, please contact our church office.
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