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Foundations of Transformation in Elk River, MN

Elk River, Minnesota, is a community/region experiencing the power of God in Jesus Christ to bring transformation.  Contributing factors are:


  1. Spiritual Unity – a strategic and growing partnership exists between pulpit and marketplace ministers to see a city/region transformed. 
  2. Unified Prayer – a weekly community prayer gathering by representatives of the “church of the city” provides a focal point for intercession.  Prayer is happening all over the city.  Intercessory and Prophetic prayer teams provide additional covering as they intercede and listen for the voice of God. 
  3. Prayer Evangelism – the principles of Luke 10 to Bless, Fellowship, Minister and Proclaim are increasingly applied as a Christian lifestyle.
  4. Transformation Paradigms – the Five Pivotal Paradigms of Nation Transformation by Ed Silvoso are being taught and integrated throughout Church and Society and are helping release the Church to operate in its fullness 24/7.
  5. Transformation Churches and Kingdom Companies are being developed, modeled and mentored both locally and globally.
  6. Elimination of Systemic Poverty – transformation initiatives respond to every aspect of poverty:  spiritual, relational, motivational and material toward that day when “there are no needy persons among us.”
  7. Kingdom Vision – the focus of the Pray Elk River city-reaching movement is the building-up of the kingdom of God and the whole Church of Jesus Christ.
  8. Alignment – the Pray Elk River city-reaching movement is strategically aligned with Harvest Evangelism and the International Transformation Network for apostolic covering.  Ed Silvoso and Rick Heeren are “spiritual fathers” and ongoing mentors and co-laborers in transformation.
  9. Partnership – the Pray Elk River city-reaching movement is blessed by and partnering with many other streams of Christianity, both locally and globally, that are working together to see cities and nations transformed.
  10. Servant Leadership – the Pray Elk River city-reaching movement is shepherded by a Servant Leadership Team that has been chosen through the prayer and discernment of those participating in the movement.
  11. Dependence on the Holy Spirit – while paradigms, principles and strategies of transformation are applied, we remain committed to be a movement of the Holy Spirit, not an organization defined by programs.

Click here for a printable (pdf) of "Changing the Spiritual Climate in Your City "

by Pastor Greg Pagh


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