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The preschool staff will serve as positive Christian role models for your child, guiding each student’s behavior with methods that are appropriate to their age and development. Unacceptable behavior is addressed using directly related consequences that are not shaming or punitive in nature, but aid in teaching self-control and socially appropriate Christian behavior.

Redirection: The primary method to reduce classroom conflict is redirecting children from inappropriate behavior towards constructive activities. Children are involved in problem solving when appropriate, and will be exposed to acceptable alternative behavior choices.

Time Out: Removing a child from a situation for a short period, through Time Out, may sometimes be necessary. Time Out will be used after less intrusive methods of guiding the child's behavior have failed and the child's behavior threatens the well being of the child or others in the preschool. Time Out is well monitored in an open, visible area of the classroom. Parents will receive a written notification if a child has three or more time outs in one day. A parent consultation will be set up if alternative behavior guidance plans seem to be needed.

Health Procedures
Immunizations/Health Forms:
All students must have a current physical exam, signed by a physician. You must also provide documentation of your child's current immunization status. These completed forms are required before your child may attend preschool. New forms must be completed for each new preschool year.

Illness: Please keep your child home if he/she has any of the following symptoms:
- a fever in the last 24 hours
- vomiting
- ear aches
- any undiagnosed rash
- chills
- thick nasal discharge
- sore throat
- diarrhea
- enlarged glands
- a contagious stage of any communicable disease

If your child is staying home ill, please notify the teacher. You will be contacted if your child becomes ill at school. If you can't be reached, the contact person on your child's emergency card will be called. Please have someone available to care for your child if he /she cannot remain at the school.

Please notify the preschool immediately any time your child is diagnosed with a contagious illness.  A notice will be posted if a child in your class has notified us of a contagious illness.

First Aid: Teachers and assistants will administer first aid when necessary. At least one person trained in CPR will be at the preschool anytime class is in session. An Accident Report form will be completed and a copy given to parents every time any first aid is administered.

Allergies: Please indicate on the emergency form if your child has food, animal or other allergies. A pet may be part of our classroom from time to time. Children with life threatening allergies will need to have an Allergy Action Plan on file.

Medicine: The preschool staff will only administer medication when a Medication Permission Form has been completed by the child's physician and is on file at the preschool.

Emergency Procedures
Medical: If your child has an injury or medical emergency, Christ Church Preschool will contact you or the person listed on the Emergency Card in your child's file. If no one can be reached and the child needs immediate attention, the staff will call 911. If hospitalization is advised your child will be taken to a local hospital.

Weather: Christ Church Preschool follows ISD #728 with regard to school delays, closings or early dismissals due to bad weather. If district schools are 2 hours late, the a.m. session of preschool will be canceled, the p.m. session will meet. If district schools are delayed only 1 hour, preschool classes will meet. ISD #728 school closings and delays are announced on WCCO Radio (830 on your AM dial).

Fire and Tornado Drills: Fire drills are held monthly to familiarize children with procedures for getting out of the building quickly. Tornado drills are practiced once a month during tornado season: September, April, and May.

Child Abuse Reporting: Christ Church Preschool staff are classified as mandated reporters under the Minnesota Maltreatment of Minors Act. As mandated reporters the staff must comply with the following reporting requirements: When a mandated reporter knows or has reason to believe a child has been neglected or physically or sexually abused within the preceding three years, the reporter will immediately report the information to the local Welfare Agency, Police Department or County Sheriff. Suspected neglect or abuse within Christ Church Preschool must be reported to the agency licensing our facility which is the Department of Human Services. The telephone number is 651-296-3971.

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