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BlessMN is a non-denominational,non-political, non-profit prayer movement focused on street adoption in the State of Minnesota.

“Bless Minnesota encourages every believer to take their faith outside the walls of the church… to put ‘legs to their prayers’ and touch their neighbors, coworkers, classmates and communities with the love of Jesus.”  -- Pastor Greg Pagh, Chair, BlessMN

Click links below to listen to BlessMN Radio Spots with Pastor Greg:


To bless the State of Minnesota and its people.


To adopt every street in the State of Minnesota in prayer.


A lifestyle of Prayer Evangelism based on the Great Commission of Matthew 28 and Jesus’ teaching in Luke 10:

  • Bless and Speak Peace
  • Reach-out and Build Relationships
  • Respond to Needs
  • Share the Love, Presence and Power of Jesus Christ

How do I Adopt a Street in Prayer?

  • Go to
  • Click on Adopt Your Street
  • Fill-out the form choosing an address that represents the “point of inception” for your prayers, i.e. home, business, school, church, etc.
  • Create your account for security purposes
  • Begin to prayer-walk, following the Luke 10 teaching and the leading of the Holy Spirit
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